The Fit Lab High Performance and Rehabilitation Unit is the first of its kind on the Darling Downs. A unique Exercise Science driven, non-biased, evidence-based performance facility for elite and emerging athletes. Physical preparation, athletic development and sports readiness are key influencers on all program designs.

We develop:

  • Hypertrophy
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Acceleration and speed
  • Agility, change of direction and ability to decelerate
  • Endurance capacity

In addition, all our programs address the conditioning and preservation of:

  • Stability
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Injury prevention
  • Management of injuries and return to sport pathways in consultation with Allied Health

The Ethos of the Facility is:



Integral to the success of any program is adherence by the athlete. Our philosophy is to include the athlete in the process and educate them on what, why and how we are measuring their performance.

Our experience has shown that this leads to better and more useful feedback from the athlete along with greater enthusiasm for, and adherence to, the programs set for them.


Accurate and consistent measurement is essential to a successful program and athletic development. We use the latest technology to provide athletes and coaches with baseline measures and feedback on performance and progress.

Some of our tools include:

Accountability is paramount to the success for the athlete and the coach – for every training session, athletes enter their session data on a unique mobile app, enabling the Strength and Conditioning staff to monitor progress and adjust programs to enhance their development.


Once we have the information we need and the trust of the athlete, our strength and conditioning staff will prepare individualised programs for the athlete to address appropriate areas where we have identified progress can be made.

Periodised programs will encompass all facets of sports specific development, taking into account where the athlete sits in their season, any rehabilitation required, identified areas of concern and areas for continued development.

Each and every athlete is provided a pre-habilitation and recovery program including the use of post-exercise supplementation upon completion of every session.


Through our measured, structured and deliberately timed program plan that incorporates recovery protocols, our athletes build resilience.

We expect adaptations based on the information gained and the program provided.


Central to our ethos is performance.

Whether that performance is in a competitive environment, or simply demonstrating progress through adaptation, everything we do comes back to this one key element.

Ultimately, all athletes want to perform better.

In preparing an athlete as completely as we can, we believe we offer them the best chance to produce the best performance, consistently and without the risk of injury.

Meet Our High Performance Coaches

Rob Burr

Rob Burr

High Performance Coach

Rob has many years of experience working in the Fitness Industry and has worked with a large variety of clients. From celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Gerri Halliwell to Professional Athletes such as Marion Jones and Gail Devers to working with AFL development players and NRL pre-season training.

Rob has done it all. He is a Level Two Strength and Conditioning Coach and also has a Diploma in both Exercise Science and Performance Coaching. He has a lot of experience working with a range of different sporting teams, assisting them with their strength and conditioning phases of their training programs.

Jim Stubbs

Jim Stubbs

High Performance Coach

Jim is our newest Performance Coach in our High Performance and Rehabilitation Unit all the way from the UK.

With just over 16 years of experience, Jim has a wealth of knowledge that has helped him progress extremely far in the fitness industry. Starting out with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science that allowed him to work with doctors, physiotherapists and nutritional therapists. From this experience forward, Jim excelled, and in time went on to co-find 3 companies each dealing with different aspects of the health and fitness industry.

Jim has a great deal of experience working with all sorts of athletes and sporting teams to help them achieve their absolute best when it comes to their chosen sports.