The Fit Lab is proud to announce the arrival of its new Functional Hypertrophy program designed by Steve Nance, accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach with over 30 years of experience in competitive sport performance.

Steve’s experience includes strength coaching various sporting teams including the Australian Wallabies, Queensland Reds, Brisbane Broncos and the North Queensland Cowboys.

What is Functional Hypertrophy Training?

Functional Hypertrophy Training is a scientific method of training to increase muscle size, without losing overall performance of the muscle. The fundamental principle of hypertrophy training is ‘time under tension’; how long your muscles are under duress. By using a specific tempo for lifting that is generally slower than normal weight training, muscle fibres increase in size leading to health benefits including increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, and help prevent injury.

Is this for the athlete or the non athlete?
The type of training offered in this program has great benefits for both the athlete and non-athlete. Both athletes and non-athletes will see:

  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Increased fat loss
  • Improved bone density
  • Injury prevention

An athlete will benefit in addition to the above through:

  • Improved long term sporting performance
  • Career longevity through injury prevention
  • Scientifically sound 8 week off season phase in preparation for a strength training phase

Sport Science Testing Prior to the program, all participants will complete various fitness and strength tests to determine baselines for the program. Body measurements will be taken weekly to ensure participants are tracking towards their personal goals throughout the 8 weeks, and programs adjusted accordingly.

All individuals are encouraged to get a DEXA scan to accurately measure body composition. A DEXA body composition scan, or dualenergy x-ray absorptiometry, is an enhanced form of x-ray technology that is used to assess the distribution of lean muscle, fat, water and bone within the body. Scans are taken a week prior to commencing the program and also at the completion of the program, so participants can see how their body have
transformed over the 8 weeks.

We highly encourage all participants to have a DEXA scan done at Queensland X-ray, but as this is an additional cost of $50 per scan, it is not compulsory.
If you choose to get a DEXA scan, it is advised that you fast beforehand for the most accurate reading.

What does this program include?
This program is carried out over a period of 8 weeks and will begin on Monday October 9, 2017 and has two options.

  • 3 x one hour group training sessions per week OR;
  • 4 x one hour group training sessions per week

Each one hour session provides the individual with the very best in sport science hypertrophy training and takes place in the Fit Lab’s brand new state of the art High Performance Unit opened in 2017.
Over the eight weeks of the program, participants will train with strength and conditioning coaches who ensure correct lifting technique and tempo. This takes place in small groups that encourage accountability, provide a team atmosphere and help keep the individual motivated.


  • Our 3 day training option is priced at $60 per week for members and $80 per week for non members.
  • Our 4 day training option is priced at $80 per week for members and $100 per week for non members.

These prices include each one hour training session per week, a specif-ic diet plan written by a Sports Dietician and a training supplement designed to help you with recovery at the completion of each training session.

Extra Motivation
Each participant has a 1-on-1 goal setting session and is kept on track with weights by logging data through the app – Team Buildr. This creates a reason to stay on-track and prevents program attrition with constant positive feedback. Nutrition plans, training tips and feedback from the trained Strength & Conditioning Coaches helps create community support and positive internal camaraderie.

Training Times:
The following times and days for training sessions are available:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at 5:45am, 9:15am & 6:30pm

More Information:

If you have any further inquiries regarding our 8 week Hypertrophy Program please forward all questions to reception on (07) 4638-7645 or