Metabolic Conditioning

The Metabolic Program is a scientifically structured program designed to maximise fat loss without compromising muscle and strength.  Upon completion of the hypertrophy or hypertrophy/strength block of training, most people will find themselves in a better condition, both physiologically and mechanically, to take on the Fit Lab Metabolic Program.  The increased muscle mass and improved joint stability and range previously developed will allow participants to take advantage of the higher intensity workouts in this programme designed specifically to reduce fat mass whilst maintaining hard earned muscle and strength gains.

The program contains a combination of supervised high intensity cardio and strength maintenance work, alongside prescribed lower intensity, longer duration cardio, which will be undertaken independently.  The combination of challenges to the body enables us create a high EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), where the metabolic demands of the body remain high, long after the exercise itself has ceased.

The variation of demands to the body’s different energy systems allows us to create and maintain this high EPOC without over-reaching any one system. As long as the nutritional requirements are met and the balance of ‘rest’ and work are correct, this is hands down the best way to reduce body fat.

As per the Functional Hypertrophy Program, all training sessions will be supervised by our fully qualified Strength and Conditioning Coaches who will ensure to guide you through correct lifting techniques and tempos. All training sessions will take place in our High Performance Unit in small groups to encourage accountability, provide a team atmosphere and help keep you motivated.

What is included in this program?

  • 3 x one hour group training sessions per week
  • A meal plan provided by Accredited Sports Dietician, Brady Schulz.
  • A Training supplement designed to help with recovery at the completion of each training session
  • Body composition and strength testing, before and after completion of the program
  • Access to your program via a smart phone app named Team Buildr.
  • A group information session running through all of the requirements of the program and answer any questions you may have about the transition into this new training phase.

As with the Functional Hypertrophy program, we do encourage all participants to continue to book in for a DEXA scan to accurately measure body composition. If you chose to have a DEXA scan before and after the completing the Functional Hypertrophy Program, it will not be necessary to receive another one prior to commencing this new program. We do recommend, however, booking in another scan at the completion of this new 6 week block. As this is an additional cost of $50, this is not compulsory to complete one, but is highly recommended.

The DEXA machine differentiates body weight into the components of lean soft tissue, fat soft tissue and bone, based on the differential attenuation by tissues of two levels of x-rays.

The Fit Lab has partnered with Queensland X-ray, who performs DEXA scans. We highly encourage that you complete your scans here.  Each scan is an additional $50 per scan.

It highly suggested that when booking your DEXA scan that you try to schedule an early morning appointment as it is recommended that you undergo a DEXA having fasted the night before – no food or fluid for minimum of 8 hours before your scan.  Fasting before the scan presents a more accurate reading of body composition.

Queensland X-ray are located in Toowoomba at 127 Russell Street and are open Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm. To schedule an appointment please call Queensland X-ray directly on (07) 4690-3300.

If you have any further inquiries regarding the Program please forward all questions to Rob Burr or Jim Stubbs by either calling (07) 4638-7645 or emailing them directly at