Manual therapy involves all forms of hands on treatment performed by your physiotherapist. This may include soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy, neural tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisations or passive joint range of movement techniques. These techniques are extremely effective in the early management of many musculoskeletal and sports injuries.

Physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced in providing hands on therapy, with the aim to reduce pain, improve ranges of movement or assist in correcting movement errors that are contributing to your musculoskeletal complaint. By using gentle and precise movements to mobilise and recruit joints or soft tissue, a physiotherapist can restore functionality and improve mobility.

Manual therapy benefits are often reinforced by your physiotherapist providing individually tailored strengthening, stability or mobility exercises, that help you achieve your goals.

Our Physiotherapy team is available for appointments Monday –Friday. Visit or call The Fit Lab on (07) 4638 7645 to make an appointment.