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Rural Online Training Program

Providing Allied Health Services To Where They Are Needed Most

Program Aims

The Fit Lab’s Rural Online Training program aims to bridge the gap between individuals living rurally with chronic disease and quality Allied Health services. Encouragement is continuing for those in rural communities to take part in fitness programs aimed at improving mental and physical health. Commitment to these types of programs can assist in reducing cardivascular risk factors, improving strength and mobility, and increasing overall physical functioning.

These programs can be manipulated to whatever environment suits you (i.e. gym, home etc). Based on what you have available, a program will be developed with a combination of strength and aerobic based activities. The aim is to improve muscle health and size, metabolic health, coordination, balance and stability.

Program at a Glance

Fitness Level: 



Program Structure


  • 1x Initial consultation to discuss medical history, goal setting and to assess physical capacity
  • 8x Week program tailored to your goals
  • Access to TeamBuildr – including videos of all prescribed exercises
  • Weekly email check-in’s with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to monitor progress and adjust exercises where necessar

Payment Breakdown


  • Initial Consult – $120.00 (60 mins)
  • Subsequent Consults – $90.00 (45 mins)
  • Weekly Cost – $25.00
  • Total Cost – $410.00

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