Cancer can be daunting and the treatments can sometimes feel worse than disease itself. We recently spoke with one of our members about her journey through the ‘Exercise for the Management of Cancer Program’.

How do you feel about your time in this program?

“Appreciation. I would like to express my appreciation and joy for the generous support and belief in our group of ladies currently attending The Fit Lab.”

How has the program worked together with your treatments and health status?

“Chris and his staff have been amazing – generous, patient., willing to offer an alternative exercise for those of us challenged by the regular exercises. But most of all their awareness of each of us as individuals both for our exercise abilities and current health status. They don’t miss a thing.”

What is it that has helped you the most in this program?

“What I love most of all is that they are our biggest cheerleaders in the gym . Never thought I would enjoy the gym at this time of my life and have made some great friends. Thank you!”