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Fitness To Fit Your Life

Tired of fitness regimes that force you to fit them, instead of fitting you?

Using the internationally acclaimed TeamBuildr Strength and Conditioning app platform, The Fit Lab’s Online Training Programs are complete fitness workouts made easy to suit the modern lifestyles of all users.

Sign up today to a program that’s tailored to your individual fitness goals!



10 Week Strength Builder Program

Are you ready to get the strongest body you’ve ever had?
This is the program just for you!
The Fit Lab’s 10 Week Strength Builder program is suitable for lifters of all levels and focuses on improving your overall Strength across a 10 weeks Linear Periodization program.
After your initial week of training your custom weight targets will be entered each week so you can push your limits in each sessions and not have to guess what weights you will need to lift. 

The Fit Lab - Online Training Programs - 10 Week Strength Builder Program

10 Week Fat Loss Program

Not everyone has the natural discipline to apply consistent training across 10 weeks, needed for lasting physical transformation.
The Fit Lab’s 10 Week Fat Loss program aims to make this goal attainable for everyone by providing easy-to-follow programming and personalised targets in each session to keep you motivated and ticking off goals.
If you want to lose weight and/or tone up to get into the best shape of your life then this is the program for you!

The Fit Lab - Online Training Programs - 10 Week Body Composition Program

10 Week Muscle Gain Program

Have you been dreaming of gaining some serious muscle but you’ve never really known how to get started?
Stop wishing and Start doing! The Fit Lab’s 10 Week Muscle Gain program will be sure to add some serious muscle to your arms, legs, chest and back by following a structured plan 3 x per week. The focus will be on large compound lifts with some different training techniques such as time under tension and drop sets to give your body the required training to add some serious muscle size!

The Fit Lab - Online Training Programs - 10 Week Muscle Gain Program

10 Week Customised Training Plan

Do you have some specific goals you’d like to achieve or certain restrictions that make it hard to follow regular workout plans?

The Fit Lab’s team of professional High Performance Trainers will custom build a 10 Week Program for you to achieve any goal you desire.

Don’t put off starting any longer and let us help you get started with a workout plan that suits your exact goals and needs!

The Fit Lab - Online Training Programs - 10 Week Customised Training Plan

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