“I have noticed the stark contrast with players in the HP program, compared to the players that are not in the program”, said Eugene Seddon, rugby league coach for the Mustangs RLFC.

“The difference in body shape is phenomenal. It has allowed them to move better around the paddock at training and in games.”

Eugene highlights Blake Cullen is an example of how a player can transform.

“I have worked with Blake over the last two seasons and his fitness and strength is the best I have seen in him to date. His performance has reached another level that is what I was after as he has now stepped into a higher level of footy from the under 18’s where he was last season.”

Injury and recovery is a major aspect of the team’s performance for Eugene.

“The diversity within the program for injured players to maintain and improve their levels is fantastic, as well as the catering to the program for individuals of diverse needs that I found with one of my players this season.”

The team’s culture and cohesiveness is at the heart of good football for the Mustangs.

“Within the playing group, the players that are part of the HP centre have bought a new culture and sense of belonging to the group as they are working closer together more often now with the extra training that The Fit Lab has provided.

Players that are part of the program appear to have more confidence in what they are doing and be more accountable for their own improvement and performance in Rugby League”

Eugene concludes with how he sees the Mustangs going forward.

“I can certainly see The Fit Lab as a place that the Mustangs can move forward with, on a full time basis with the set-up, professionalism and support that is provided by staff at The Fit Lab, to players and Mustangs staff.

The hypertrophy program at The Fit Lab is a fantastic program for not only the Mustangs, Rugby League or any sporting team, but for any individual or group looking to get the best results and performance’s for themselves.”