From low-carb to Low-cal, celery juice cleanses to carnivore diets, you can’t avoid the latest food fads. There’s so much misinformation and so many mixed messages out there. As experts in food and nutrition, a dietitian can help you sift through it all and point you to the science.

Here are some 8 top reasons why you should book an appointment with a dietitian.

1. Your Relationship With Food Needs Help 

Dietitians not only work with eating disorder but if you’re looking to build a healthy relationship w/ food a dietitian can help.

2. You Want To Improve Your Athletic Performance

You want to gain insight into how to fuel your sport and/or gain some competitive advantage through dietary changes. A sport dietitian specialises in the timing of nutrients, energy needs, supplements, and how they affect your performance.

3. You’re Always Tired Regardless of Your 8 Hour Snooze + After Work Nap

Being tired when you go to bed is normal. Being tired around the clock and not being able to function or feel like you are going to fall asleep at inopportune times is NOT normal. A dietitian can help identify underlying causes of lethargy and fatigue and factors causing it

4. You Are Experiencing Hormonal Issues Including Loss Of Menstruation, Lack Of Sex Drive, Infertility Issues

A dietitian can help you identify and get you on the path to regulate your hormones back to normal.

5. You Are Pregnant Or Thinking About Becoming Pregnant

Your energy and nutrients requirements change quite significantly and a dietitian can help you with meeting your energy requirement for an easier healthier pregnancy.

6. Abnormal Bloodwork / Deficiency

You have abnormal bloodwork and/or have been told by your doctor you need to change your diet.

7. You’ve Been Diagnosed With A Chronic Condition

Dietitian as health professionals go through extensive medical nutrition therapy training and can help you better manage diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, heart condition, IBS, pulmonary and kidney disease

8. You Need Help Managing Weight

Everyone knows how to lose weight – eating less than what our body’s burning/day but doing it in a healthy, sustainable manner is a challenge and a dietitian can definitely help you with that.

If you fall into any of these categories then The Fit Lab’s expert dietitian services can help you today! Click here to view prices and learn more about our Dietitian Services, or book an appointment online right now.

The Fit Lab Toowoomba - 8 Reasons Why You Should See A Dietitian