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The Fit Lab’s Wellness Hub is the place to go for regular educational videos from our expert team of Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Dietitian and Strength & Conditioning Coaches!


Topics include:
🔹 Exercise Breakdowns
🔹 Article Reviews
🔹 Nutrient Breakdowns
🔹 Dietary Differences
🔹 Current Trends
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Welcome to the Wellness Hub

The Fit Lab Wellness Hub incorporates weekly educational segments from our team of Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapists, Dietitian and Strength & Conditioning Coaches.

Breaking Down the Keto Diet

The Fit Lab’s Dietitian, Areeba Ali, is chatting all things Keto Diet!

Who would the diet be beneficial for, why it works and what are the concerns around the diet?

Exercise Breakdown

Learn how to do a Front Squat/Back Squat correctly with The Fit Lab Allied Health Unit’s Physiotherapist, Felice!

Exercise Breakdown

In this video our Exercise Physiologist Alex talks you through the differences between a Barbell Bench Press and a Dumbbell Bench Press and provides a demonstration of each.

Caffeine & Training

Our Dietitian Areeba talks about how caffeine can effectively enhance your exercise performance.

Exercise Breakdown

Dead Bug Progressions – The Fit Lab Allied Health Unit’s Exercise Physiologist, Ellen shows you what they are and how to do them!

Exercise Breakdown

Physiotherapist Will Sanson takes you through three exercises designed specifically to assist with shoulder mobility.

Exercise Breakdown

Exercise Physiologist Kyle Pringle demonstrates the best way that you can perform a Trap Bar Deadlift.