The ladies at The Fit Lab are fighting back against breast cancer with tailored fitness programs. The Exercise for the Management of Cancer Program is helping our members get their health back on track and enjoy exercising.

Today we discuss with one of our members about her journey through the ‘Exercise for the Management of Cancer Program’.

“What an amazing program this is for ladies that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have in the past not enjoyed going to a gym however, this is completely different to anything else I have experienced.”

How to you feel about your time in this program?

“The program introduces exercise in a safe, supportive and state of the art facility. The group support from the other 11 women is amazing. The staff at Fit Lab are just the best and encouraging of every milestone that you undertake. The staff are supportive of your physical well-being as well as the psychological support through tough times.”

What is it that has helped you the most in this program?

“Not only do we receive group and individual guidance from the experienced and personable staff at the Fit Lab, this time together is a great chance for women on similar journeys to come together and benefit in a nonjudgmental environment!

I am so grateful to Blush, Queensland X-Ray and the Fit Lab for encouraging me and others to participate in such a great fitness program.

Many thanks to those funding bodies/person for supporting this initiative.”